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Benefits of RPA

RPA technology can be the motivator for change in just about any company. The term "Digital Transformation" is a buzz word that is used to describe the benefits of adopting the use of RPA software. Here are some benefits of RPA implementation:

  • Enabling better customer service.
  • Ensuring business operations and processes comply with regulations and standards.
  • Allowing processes to be completed much more rapidly and improving accuracy.
  • Providing improved efficiency by digitizing and auditing process data.
  • Creating cost savings for manual and repetitive tasks.
  • Enabling employees to be more productive.

Is RPA costly?

The answer is no. RPA utilizes your company's existing legacy systems to do it's work. Software bots use interfaces just like humans do. That is why bots are valuable - they can work with programs and websites that change periodically, adjusting without breaking. In the past, process automation required interfaces to be built and updated around its needs in order to work without breaking. RPA works with the existing application landscape in a way a human being does, repeating a sequence of actions across different applications with little supervision.

Is RPA difficult to implement?

Again, the answer is no. Perhaps the most difficult aspects of RPA implementation is deciding which low to medium value tasks can be accomplished via software bots. The rule of thumb is to identify any work processes that are repeated several times per day, involve several steps (even with many different interfaces or systems), and which don't require a lot of complex decision making. Those types of processes would be a great place to start, and should be your first launching pad for RPA inclusion.

We worked with a client that is an equipment parts retailer. They are using RPA processes to place orders with the manufacturers of products that they sell. It streamlines their internal operations, and allows them to focus on filling orders, which is more important than keying in part numbers and addresses into online order forms. RPA also allows our client to track shipments which gives their customers the information they need to know where their order is and when to expect it. RPA bots are helping our client grow by being able to process more orders much more quickly, without errors, and it allows their employees to spend more time with customers, ensuring a better customer experience and helping to build more loyal clientele.

RPA is designed to work with a company's existing work force and enhance it's productivity. Labor cost reduction many result when processes that used to require a large number of personnel are shifted to RPA software bots. That is inevitable. But with the ability to use RPA bots as part of an over all workflow strategy, RPA will become an essential component of time and cost savings, which enhances revenue and ultimately, profit.

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